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Proffesional commercial pest control Perth for your pest problem

Commercial pest control Perth Mechanical control is done in Australia is taking worms or slugs directly attacking cabbage plants. Mechanical control has also been carried out in commercial pest control Perth, especially against caterpillars leaf tobacco by Helicoverpa sp. To control this pest farmers in the morning go to the field to pick up and collect caterpillar – caterpillars that were on top of the tobacco. The caterpillars have been collected and then burned or destroyed.

Commercial pest control Perth often practiced by cane farmers to search for pests cane shoot borers (Scirpophaga nivella) by slicing piecemeal cane shoots that show signs of attack. Lelesan made by coffee growers to coffee fruit sorting of the field that was attacked by the coffee powder (Hypotheneemus hampei). Commercial pest control Perth includes direct attempt to eliminate insect pests that attack plants. This mechanical control is usually manual. Based on how destructive and symptoms of damage inflicted, the pests cause damage to the plant can be classified into several types, namely pests cause symptoms of gall (gall), pest eaters, borers, sucking pests, pest rollers, pests cause fruit rot, and pest snorer (miner).